The Miracle of Being


Why do we seek more than we can be?
What draws us beyond the limits of the possible?
Why do we crave what is not more than what is?
The eagle eyes the rabbit in the field,
his eyes shaped to a symmetry of death
he does not know or understand;
yet, does he question this, or ask the sun to answer him,
force from the flaring stars some strange meaning, cold and pure?
Why do we among animals bewail our fate, cause such misery
against ourselves and strive to escape the self
we so little know and understand?

You spent a lifetime seeking answers to questions you’ve already forgotten.
Why trouble the day with these old shoes, continue walking
these same trails, studying the patterns in the clouds for a sign?
Does the body gain some reprieve from the truth if you laugh?
And if you smile at that frowning one will it change anything, anything at all?

Every morning outside my window a yellow rose rises freshly dewed,
the petals gleaming with moisture, with those tributes of earth and sky;
yet, this blanched flower fades day by day,
and will like those repetitions of its life
follow the course of things into oblivion,
a slow unpraised vanishing to where?

My library is filled with talking heads, scattered thoughts from millennia past,
the squandering’s of men now dead and gone,
who once like me questioned what?

Is there comfort in these gray days when life begins its descent,
when the summit’s joy no longer calls, the mind’s secret agenda fades?
If one did come out of that strangeness what would you tell her,
what words of power and knowledge, gifts of a lifetime’s tally?
Would she release you from that debt, the burden of your humanity?
The old enemy laughs in the shadows whispering his doubts,
knowing you better than you know yourself; how defiant are you now?
There are moments when you want it to end, for the music in the moon
to move you one last time, to wander out of this flesh
like some fragment of silence; but that would be to alter your course,
to change the miracle of being, forever.

– Steven Craig Hickman ©2015 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

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