EU Death March: As The Refugee Crisis Turns and Turns and Turns


German eagerness to fill jobs with Syrians and other refugees is an indictment of the EU’s dysfunctional economy and cultural rigidities. Signs of growing animosity in Finland. Bad Blood Among Old Enemies in the Balkans. Anti-Muslim fervor in Poland, Eastern Europe. Canada’s three main political leaders spar over refugees, trade, terrorism. Refugee Crisis Used in Anti-Muslim Rhetoric. German mayor blames Israel for Syrian refugee crisis. Obama blames al-Assad for creating a power vacuum in the country that has allowed the terror group ISIS to fester. Others thank Obama, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her successor John Kerry for the crisis.

Can we ask a simple question: Who is accepting responsibility? We don’t give a shit for the blame game, the hate mongering, the innuendos of racism: bloodletting, anti-Muslim, anti-Israel, rhetorics… what we need is leaders to accept responsibility and ACT – do something, anything… but as usual we’ll likely only see more death, bombings, war. The Merchants of Death over Life – is this not the truth of politics today? Enslavement, death, poverty, isolation, bigotry, debauchery, silence, hate… the common people of Europe are inner-émigrés, while the Syrians are from the outer zones: is this the pauperization of Europe at the expense of a self-satisfied elite of rich bankers, politicians, and Corporate scoundrels who have no clue what to do for either the refugees or their own people? The problem with Europe and America is one of Leadership: the true crisis is that the whole capitalist regime is to blame for this crisis – War for Profit and Oil caused it – now their reaping the reward of their efforts. But it’s the common man who is suffering for their leaders stupidity. When will the common man of the street wake up? Act… revolt?

Interestingly Japan has stepped up to the plate: Japan to offer $1.1 billion to support people fleeing Syria, Iraq. Zuckerberg offers a less than altruistic solution: he thinks access to the Internet will do the trick. Google Engages Facebook With Nonstop Solar Drones for refugee crisis. Lebanon steps up while Britain fails to engage. Refugee Crisis is Pushing Lebanon to the Brink. David Cameron: refugee crisis ‘complicates’ job of keeping Britain in EU. France: ‘Assad Or ISIS’ Thinking Means More Refugees. Spain resists EU pressure to take in 6,000 asylum seekers. “This is not an Italian problem,” Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini said. “Refugees are in the EU as soon as they arrive in Italy.” Greeks are taking advantage of the huge influx of Syrian refugees to get business booming in the midst of a broken economy. This Is What Greece’s Refugee Crisis Really Looks Like.

6 thoughts on “EU Death March: As The Refugee Crisis Turns and Turns and Turns

  1. I just keep shaking my head in disgust over how much the USA upset the applecart in the Middle East when Sadaam was toppled. And, the follow up with Bremmer & company telling all the Sunni Bathists to ‘take a hike’. Uffda!

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  2. What happened to the 57 Muslim countries and the Arab rich countries do these countries who represent Islam have hearts of stones? Why they reject these Muslim refugees ?? Why these dictators don’t open their mansions to these Muslim refugees.Why they want Christian counties to take them.Do any Muslim country has religion or they worship they hate and jihadism.????


  3. Reblogged this on synthetic zero and commented:
    i can’t believe i still have to argue with people who want to frame human history as being One of Progress, how much mass scale dis-integration will it take for them to wake up? yeah i know they aren’t capable just a figure of speech.


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