Georges Bataille: Quote of the Day!


Realism gives me the impression of a mistake. Violence alone escapes the feeling of poverty of those realistic experiences. Only death and desire have the force that oppresses, that takes one’s breath away. Only the extremism of desire and death enables us to attain the truth.
…….– Georges Bataille (Painting: Gustave Klimt)

4 thoughts on “Georges Bataille: Quote of the Day!

  1. bataille is always so on the money. he would appreciate some of the stuff coming from neuroscience concerning the overlap between the experience of money and the physical experience of pleasure and pain. also, great painting. i found out earlier this year that the woman who introduced me to him died last year. we said some real horrible things to each other, and never had the chance to apologize or reconcile. evil shit.


    • The Stone Raft by Saramago is a surreal modern uptake of this:

      The Iberian peninsula is set adrift from Europe owing to a crack in the mountain chain of the Pyrenees. The silent dogs of Cerbere begin to bark, a sign that the universe is coming to an end. People start to wander about aimlessly. The Portuguese government resigns as it becomes clear that the new island is going to collide with the Azores. With death and destruction seemingly imminent, a group of strangers ends up together, and their lives are transformed.


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