Due to Economic Issues I’ll be losing my subdomain…


Just a heads up… I’ll be losing my subdomain and probably my current premium look and feel on September 2, 2015.

Wanted to let everyone know I’ll still be at:


So update your bookmarks! Yea, too many separate things hit financially so having to tighten the old pocket book take care of family and other matters… Going to be on hiatus for a while too. Going to work on that novel and try to get it done over the next few months.

I’ll be back here with darkecologies once I get some things done!

7 thoughts on “Due to Economic Issues I’ll be losing my subdomain…

  1. You should put up a paypal donation link for people who want to drop some coins your way for all the bleeding edge content you bring us. Or even better, set up a Patreon page so people could put in a monthly amount that’d ease burdens on your end.

    But whatever you choose, be well and take care of you and yours! You are appreciated all over the globe, and I know in this corner of it I’m hoping your financial troubles are temporary and relatively easy to work through!


  2. S.C;

    I only recently discovered your website. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Hope your future endeavor with the novel is successful. Your well-written and researched essays have expanded my horizons!


    • Thanks! I’ll still be posting from time to time… when I get the itch 🙂 It’s just I’ve been feeling that urge to let those characters in me loose again: the multiplicity thing 😉 all those schizs need to flow out again …

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