Bitcoin and Blockchain Startups: Venture Capital invested $375 Million Raised in 2015


Keeping track of Blockchain and Bitcoin related news. Discovered that Venture capitalists are on the increase again. Blockchain related technologies have over 2014-2015 raised over $600 Million in various start ups. Looks like a new technology revolution in the making. If you’re young and a developer this would be a field to definitely look into. If I wasn’t retired I would. I downloaded the open source and the various toolkits needed to create a base app. Fun development. Needs a lot of improvement. This would be a great place to begin building a development interface to interoperate with these various technologies. At the moment everything is done at command line. I moved the code to my Linux system and love it so far. The Bitcoin Developer API’s can be found here on

Below is some information of various money being invested into start ups…

WallStreet Journal in an article Blockchain Lands Biggest Ever Venture Funding Round in Bitcoin Industry reports:

Bitcoin wallet and data analytics provider Blockchain raised a little over $30 million from venture capital investors, the biggest single funding round yet for a digital-currency firm and a sign that Silicon Valley remains excited about bitcoin’s prospects even as its price has fallen far from its highs of last year.

The investment was led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Wicklow Capital, with contributions from others, including Virgin Group Chairman Richard Branson and Mosaic Ventures.

Blockchain President Peter Smith said the company intends in part to use the funds to ramp up its marketing effort to a broader community of customers beyond the bitcoin enthusiasts who have so far signed up in for its digital wallet. With 2.3 million unique wallet owners, Blockchain’s service for sending and receiving bitcoin is now the most widely used in the world.

“We have captured a lot of the low-hanging fruit in terms of users and it is time to start going after people who are going to use bitcoin not because it’s interesting to them but because it’s useful,” Mr. Smith said.

A new venture platform called Block26 was recently launched in Los Angeles to fund blockchain startups. The group shared their plans to invest in companies that are pursuing applications based on blockchain, which is the public ledger of bitcoin transactions.

“We are launching Block26 to provide the bitcoin community with much more than financing,” said Principal and Co-Founder Pedram Hasid. “Beyond capital, our global network of experts in fields varying from financial services to software engineering to marketing to manufacturing and supply chain management will fully empower blockchain startups with vision, talent and drive.”

“Block26 is a brand new type of creative investor focused on blockchain technology. We believe that the independent, secure digital ledger known as the blockchain will be the cornerstone of a new generation of applications essential to almost every segment of society and industry. With this in mind, Block26 will develop long-term, synergistic relationships with startups who have the capacity to change the world,” added Principal and Co-Founder Ni’coel Stark.

Came across another article relating how much Venture Capitalism has come back and is investing large sums in Blockchain Technologies: Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology Can Make Transactions Faster, Cheaper, More Secure.

Bitcoin-related startups raised $375 million in the first half of 2015, or about 11 percent more than they did in all of 2014, investment tracking firm CB Insights said this month. The number of investments rose 63 percent compared with last year’s first six months.

Several venture funds are popping up to focus on alternative uses for blockchain. Big players including the Nasdaq stock market and Goldman Sachs, both of which engage in an unfathomable number of transactions each day, are investing in blockchain experiments. Goldman Sachs funded a startup using blockchain to track and protect U.S. dollars, not Bitcoins. And Nasdaq is working with Chain to build a blockchain-based marketplace for shares in privately held companies.

Blockchain startups include Ambisafe Inc., engaged in projects such as a tamper-proof national voting system, and Blockchain Technology Group, a San Diego company working on a blockchain-based music streaming service, with rock-solid transaction records that could help artists recover royalty money that somehow leaks away undetected through the existing tracking system.

Blockchain is a risky bet, but some investors are going all in. Block26, a newly formed Los Angeles-based venture capital firm, last month announced a $450,000 investment in Airbitz, which wants to enable devices to communicate with each other with help from the blockchain.

“The idea is to not miss out in making history,” said Ni’coel Stark, managing principal at Block26.

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