China’s Air Pollution: 4,400 deaths per day…

Image from Berkley Earth

Image from Berkeley Earth

Reading an article in which we discover that China’s use of coal is out of control and causing 4,400 deaths a day and 1.6 million deaths per year. As Lucy Liu on Shanhaiist says:

China gets about 64 percent of its primary energy from coal, according to National Energy Administration data. It’s closing the dirtiest plants while still planning new, cleaner ones. The country is expected to shut 60 gigawatts of plants from 2016 to 2020 though three times as many plants are scheduled to be built using newer technology, according to Sophie Lu, a Bloomberg New Energy finance analyst in Beijing.

Back in March this year, a landmark film about China’s catastrophic air pollution titled Under the Dome by journalist Chai Jin went viral on Chinese social media. But just several days later, the documentary was deleted from major Chinese video websites under the orders of the central propaganda department.

3 thoughts on “China’s Air Pollution: 4,400 deaths per day…

  1. There’s also 60% underground water not fit for human contact, birth defects increased 70% over last two decades (13 times higher than USA a decade ago), etc.

    Industrialization of China is starting to look like a big Trojan horse in the war room, maybe not foreseen by Pentagon planners (or some other planners from the future), but sure to be found and exploited. Wrecking your own environment and people for foreign interests – Sun Tzu would have been proud. I really wonder how much of all this has been planned, USA politics was always good at playing the sucker …

    Because its homeland is used up, China will be forced to expand prematurely, entering the world hegemony game, where USA holds most of the chips* (and safe on North American continent, no enemies at the borders, still in pretty good ecological shape, compared to China) … yes, USA is decrepit and in late stage Brezhnevian stagnation, but is China and its Communist party really in a better shape ?

    So, USA may be the last man standing, but will it be a man standing at all ? No human beign can win enviromental degradation and warfare which is sure to follow from such tensions. Maybe this is the real Trojan horse of some alien intelligence from the future: forcing global ecological collapse to the point where humans are forced (we already are) into red queen race of technological change until they become obsolete: by changing themselves into aliens or giving birth to something truly alien. Is there a difference ?

    * Literary and metaphorically: look where all the chip fabs with latest technology are built. Foreign corporations own lots of China’s industry and are starting to move to India.


  2. PS. In this light, it’s easy to see why Land would be interested in China. There are many cybernetic positive feedbacks in play there, with lethal effects. I don’t think it’s about respect for tradition or Confucian values: more as semiotic guerrilla, with machinic Medea hypothesis as a guiding light. All life feeds on positive feedback of death, sixth extinction is inevitable, microbial alien intelligence takes over, consumes the sun. His alignment with climate change morons can be seen as similar tactics: feed those positive feedbacks, baby.

    You’ve said that Land’s death is Lem’s equilibrium. Sure, but Land’s death is also creative, runaway positive feedback. I think it also makes Land a more accurate futurist. Lem’s futures have old school cybernetic notion of balance between positive and negative, so things mostly work. In our present and future, things seem to mostly collapse 😉


    • Land is just as much of a cyberneticist, both Lem and Land were following Nietzsche’s original Systems Theory of the Eternal Return: (Land) “As a fundamental cybernetic theory, accelerationism is bound to the identification of a socially central, positive feedback loop, through which modernity is propelled.” This notion of the positive feedback loop is Nietzsche’s eternal return displaced into cybernetic theory.

      Just because these notions have through veritable incarnation into the real world applications has nothing to do with their original virtual potential which has been enacted many times through history. You’ve fallen into the fallacy of progressivism: thinking we’re somehow and improvement on these old notions. There is no improvement, just a subtler incarnation of ancient potentials.

      As far as that goes one might think of the Axial Age of the fifth century BCE as the pivotal moment when these notions of feedback loops and eternal return first saw the light of day in such men as Zarathustra, Buddha, the Pre-Socratics… etc. It just took the ability to objectify these ideas into formal relations of material – actualization of the virtual potential as Deleuze would have it, etc. Land’s point is the subtle notion that the ideas brought back in time to such humans came out of the future, not some play land of Eternal Ideas of Plato etc. But then you’d have to ask: What exactly is the future? Which requires the next question: What is Time? Physics? Metaphysics? Base materialism of the nth degree… follow the atom into the black hole of thought like Alice in a sea of potential time… maybe the Universe itself is this Ocean of Information: but information is nothing without a sender and receiver… but who is the Sender and who is the Addressee? Most of all what is the contents of the message, the script playing itself out in real time even as we enact it?

      Look at Joyce’s Finnegans Wake – the first work of the cybernetic age, a computer system with its own algorithmic codes delving into the ‘energetic unconscious’ of the Irish and European psyche of cultural unconscious (History). The notion of eternal return or feedback loop of historical consciousness played out as pure farce… Joyce’s fictional enactment of the eternal return that brings the Greek and Hebraic cycles to their conclusion in modernism, an encyclopedia of closure and openings – a sea of data with potential to awaken only in the mind of the reader’s future now… remember Joyce believed critics (those infinite readers) would take five hundred years to decipher the codes of his big black book of nonsense puns.


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