Felix Guattari: The Molecular Revolution – Toward a Pluralistic Ecology Politics


As Guattari (1992) wrote in the pages of Le Monde:

Disconcerted, disgusted by traditional politics, a major section of opinion turns towards ecology. Vague aspiration, but indicative of an opening towards “something else”, hoping to see the birth of other social, economic and ecological practices, a different vision of the future. It is up to the plural ecology politics movement to give expression to this aspiration. By way of programmatic content that articulates the ecology of nature with that of the city, of society, it looks to do the same with that of the spirit. But also through the invention of a new way of doing politics, at once more convivial, more engaged with everyday realities, but no less articulated through pressing planetary questions that could lead us to revise the fundamental goals of our societies.

Where are the new vitamins of meaning? How to repolarize the socius and the psyche? Perhaps by opening our eyes, and beginning to take stock of the thousands of initiatives – sometimes microscopic – which teem, stagnating or proliferating, within the social fabric: all the attempts to change life in certain areas, imagine a different urbanism, create a different kind of school, a different kind of business, a less desperate old age – not to forget, certainly, the prisons, or the psychiatric lock-up. In short, always, and now more than ever: the molecular revolution. Socialism will place at the centre of its preoccupations changing daily life, close relations and solidarity. It will show concretely how “something can be done”, even in the most difficult situations, or it will disappear from the charts of hope, and move aside, possibly in favour of a new ecological pole. 

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