Greece in another Era – Oppression Never Changes Only People Do


February 20, 1942 and  the weekly progressive journal  Greek-American Tribune is published with a cover that shows imprisoned Greece asking for help. The commentary of the newspaper is indicative of the tendency to opt for anti-fascist unity, postponing to the future the issue of social transformation:  ”Τhe immediate issue is how Greece will  be liberated, not how she will be governed.  This truth is very simple and it is surprising  that there are those who do not understand it”. (from Greek American Radicals ~ the untold story).

As Alan Gilbert says in a recent post – Greek Resistance:

May the Greek people again stand up! We all have a common interest in standing up to the Banks and the Koch brothers/Adelsons, et al (and the mainstream parties, including, sadly. Obama in so far as they represent them). To survive, let alone flourish, we need to be democratic internationalists…For an action to be taken now, see here.

For the Greek people carry our fate, too. We should stand with them.

 (thanks dmf for the link!)

6 thoughts on “Greece in another Era – Oppression Never Changes Only People Do

      • The Green party has hailed tonight’s referendum as a decisive vote against austerity:

        Caroline Lucas MP, who represents the British south coast constituency of Brighton Pavilion, says the eurozone must now accept that Greece needs debt relief:

        “The Greek people have made a decision which must now be respected. This referendum has seen EU states do their very best to undermine the democratic will of the Greek people but it’s time to draw a line under the past and move onwards.

        “History shows us that countries can escape crippling debt in a just way. In 1953, at London Conference, Greece was among the European nations signing a deal which allowed for the cancellation of German debt, to enable the country to grow again after the destruction of the Second World War. Europe needs to come together to offer the Greeks a deal which allows their country to be rebuilt.”


      • Problem is that Germany has fallen into an economic fascism and is adamant that they want budge: neoliberalism of debt and austerity! Too bad… maybe the rest of the EU will force Germany’s hand…


      • oh yeah i’m not predicting victory just a bit of monkey-wrenching of the machine, i don’t think that europe (or any other large-scale governance) has much of a future, gotta love a good and public fuck you to the shock-doctrinaires tho!


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