Shall We Sing of Slime

I’ve watched these spurious men, the lazy ones.
Graft and corruption, spleen of a thousand lies,
Broken trust among the people, barking dogs
That cry too late, the deed is done, world undone;
And, we, yes we stand here among the rotten ruins
Of nations that once stood the test of time: false
They were for their trust in men who broke trust
With truth, gave way to bitter strife and dark war,
Their deadly promises brought us all to the brink;
Yes, all, to the point of no return, to a place
And time where it will be too late to return,
To plant our standard in a world of meaning.
Now comes the time of bones, of deadly inquisitions,
Of men who break oaths with the old ways,
And hold little faith in wisdom or its elder voices;
Even the earth sings out in woe and pain,
Knowing in her groaning way the truth shatters us
Into ten-thousand fragments beyond repair;
She stalks us in the cities: Paris, Rome, Singapore,
Buenos Aires, London, and New York City and all
Other seats of commerce that have sold us out
To the Lords & Oligarchs, the elite mongrels
Who think that Mammon can save them from disorder.
Too late, too late we come into this belated realm,
Bewailing the fate of human kind, for now we go
The way of all animals, below the green void of destiny.
Nothingness will not spare your precious gold,
Nor help you when you grow old among its glittering lies:
Too late to sing of ancient myths, we’re done with that,
Now comes the time of death, destruction, and disorder,
The great unraveling has begun and we are fallen beyond
All telling or salvation, bitter the knowledge and the power
That we gave to such men as these who fed us to disease,
Brought us low and sold us to the gods of money and death.

New worlds out of old will emerge one day if only out of slime.

– Steven Craig Hickman ©2014 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.


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