Night School Now In Session: My Reading List for Fall

Time of the year to do my return trip again and begin rereading my bread and butter works. Even though I call myself a Lucretian poet I am no longer bound by the older forms of materialism since most of what we now know of the Cosmos is immaterial or part of what Kant would have termed the nonsense of the noumena or as modern science shows us the realm of immaterial elements they’ve strangely termed dark matter and dark energy which underlie the forces of the material universe we see within the light spectrum. We shift between maps of nonsense and sense, empirical transcendence and immanence with no place to lay down and rest our weary bones because its all incomprehensible even for the mathematicians. 🙂

  • Lucretius – De Rerum Naturum or On the Nature of Things
  • Dante – Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradisio
  • Petrarch – Canzoníere translated by Mark Musa
  • Shakespeare –  High Comedies & Tragedies and the Henry Histories (Falstaff)
  • Leopardi – Canti
  • Shelley 
  • Browning – the great monologues
  • Pater – his The Renaissance again
  • Emerson – Conduct of Life
  • Whitman 
  • Frost
  • Crane
  • Stevens
  • add some of John Ashbery, James Merrill, A.R. Ammons, Henri Cole, Amy Clampitt, James Wright, and Charles Wright…

Anyone have their list? 🙂

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