Flowers for Lobelia: Chapter Three – Scene 2

Painting Cajun Sunset by Aaron Freeman

The boy was still in the trunk of the red truck, out like a light. The bottle of chloroform had done the trick. The boy would sleep like a baby. At least for now.

The young man had been a lab tech at one time and knew a few things about mixing chemicals. Some bleach and acetone in the right parts cooled down to the right temperature till it became cloudy had worked like a charm. The boy had been so surprised when he’d snuck up and put that potato sack over him so fast he’d frozen. It gave the young man just enough time to put the sleepness over his face. Even through the burlap it was doused enough it almost made the young man himself a little dizzy, but the boy went limp before he even reached the recommended time-frame. He was happy with himself about that. He even allowed himself a smile.

He’d parked the truck up in the trees and made room in the lockbox, a little blanket and pillow for the trip out to the cabin. He put tape over the boys mouth just in case, and tied his hands up tight with just enough room to maneuver without getting loose or cutting circulation. He wanted this boy to live and suffer long. 

The boy wouldn’t go anywhere after he locked the box up. So it didn’t much matter.

Once he laid the boy in there he went back into his cab, popped the lid on a Jax and sipped it till dusk.

He listened to some of that new Cajun music station which seemed to be all they played anymore round these parts. Amanda Shaw was playing; he liked her voice, had that comfort zone inflection to it he so liked.

When it was pitch black out he started the truck up, and plunged off into the darkness listening to that warm lovely voice singing about Sweet Honey.

* * *

– Steven Craig Hickman ©2014 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

Comments are welcome and needed. This is my getting wet in noir, a first stab at this genre, and all the insight I can gather (likes, dislikes, whether its too sentimental, gritty, etc.) will help out. Obviously as I’ve said before this is a fast storyline mode for the first run through. Just getting the ideas and story down day by day. I’ll come back on the 2nd draft and start filling in details of character and setting, but for now the story itself is driving things. So if you’d be so kind drop me a comment, tell me honestly what you think.

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