911 Help on its way?

My friend is in the army, not the army,
but the Army of Emotion, much worse;
she has a hundred brigades,
and her own waterloo, and Generals
who have abandoned her;

she sits alone in central command
wondering just what to do,
and hears
the field commanders pleading
that she send the fresh troops
for the slaughter of the love brigade;
she’s in a quandary just now,
her lover wandered off,
or hopelessly lost,
a casualty
of the War of Love she’s losing;

she’s sent for reinforcements,
but the politicians say there is no money,
her brain is in a tizzy sinking fast
into depression;
she’s about to call it quits,
when family members
call in from the Front,
distressed that she’s abandoned ship;

she finally sits down, regains composure,
calls in the engineer, lawyer, and the doctor,
but their all busy at the moment:
anarchy is loose, and gaining ground;
they found her lover dressed up
as Napoléon Bonaparte, bossing
congressmen to adapt or die;
they just locked him up in a white jacket hotel
asking her if she wanted him back; she said
“Not right now!”;
so now she knows
this fights hers, and hers alone, nowhere else to go;
so she pulls out her trusty iPhone
and dials 911: “Hello, is anybody there?
Is help on its way?” No response to her inquiries.
The dial tone is stone dead. No one left to call,
she decides it’s time to fight. Her odds are favorable.

– Steven Craig Hickman ©2014 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

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