Our Rollercoaster Is Ready My Dear

I’m on the rollercoaster to hell tonight. Come along?
We’ll have such a fun town tonight. Don’t miss out?
Let’s meet at the Circle of Bones, my dear? Be on time?
I see the Mayor, Jesse Heartless, is here. Did you see him?
That Old Maid, Misty Tibs, is there too. Is she primed?
I am dressed as the devil himself, my dear. We ready to roll?

Slip on down that trap, steel and time are my riot act. Don’t you agree?
Take the loop-tee-loop round and round three times. That’s it?
Now lift your hands and shout: hoorah, hoorah, hooraaaaah,
then press them bars and fly on out of here on my count:
1,2,3 – jump, jump, jump. What? You didn’t jump! Oh my!!!
So bless me soul we got to go round this cage of steel again.
Up and up and up we go, just wait it’s almost time… we’re ready.
Kaaaaazooooom! Yell now! Yea, baby come on down… down… down…

I’ve a surprise in the Hall of Fear only for you, my dear. You hear?
That’s right, it’s the devil in the zoo tonight dear. Kerplunk!
Did you really think you’d wake up alive, my dear? Kerplunk!
Look out the window now, my dear… Kerplunk! Kerplunk! Kerplunk!
Yes, you got it, its the end of the world for you, my dear. Kerplunk!
Sometimes dreams do end, just not the way you dreamed, my dear! Splat!

– Steven Craig Hickman ©2014 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

Note: Did you ever wake up from a warped dream? I really need to get me a mike and say or sing my poems… this is falls flat unless you can hear me say it 🙂 Strange dream it was… too!

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