The Taming of the Minotaur

It may be this love is a debt I am paying…
– Ovid, Heroides

She holds a candle to the strangeness.
How describe this horrid scene?
Eclipse the sun, the fallen horse,
the woman dreaming below the horns;
all visions of monstrosity too dark to chart;
this cartography: despair to spur,
a quickened sense of war,
a torture chamber for black harmonies,
dysphoric dungeon craft, the art of death;
calypsos refuge from the golden loom,
a bridge to lust and calloused doom;
a woman crossing reason with its twin,
a bright gift to night – or, else to sin;
like some Hamlet torn from thought or doom,
the horned one, Minotaur forged in bliss or womb:
his heart, navigating the nightmare void,
the labyrinth of the double-bladed axe,  destroyed;
so bleak and dark the stain of years,
crumpled truths of life’s impossibility;
her eyes for whom this caged desire is wound,
the dead tribes
against these lies rebounds:
the hanged man’s corpses dangling down –
sand bar tombs ensorcelled rhapsodies;

hope remaindered, lost – unseen;
such innocence to doubt,
a bargaining
for such evil jests – a quickened sense of terror fled;
as suggests inquietude: the bull-man’s untimely surfeit,
the torment of men and gods, ancient rites
of blood and worm: all flowing now
into the dark, hollow moons, where nothing is
and nothing is not: the fluid motion,
the turning stars, and a nameless darkness.

– Steven Craig Hickman ©2014 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

Painting by Picasso ~ The Minotaur


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