“My duende, come for me!”

“I’ve often lost myself,
in order to find the burn that keeps everything awake”
― Federico García-Lorca

It was circling the stone house
just outside of the warm light.

He could feel its presence,
something old and malevolent.

Yet, he knew it was here for him,
and that he must confront it, indirectly.

He opened the door. The moon,
the stars, and wind moaning:

sounding over the valley,
leaving him chilled to the bones.

He stepped out onto the porch,
sensing its dark fever, restless and alive.

The old poets spoke of this meeting,
and he understood what he must do.

He picked up his guitar and plucked a chord,
then he invoked its namelessness like a dark angel,

letting the notes wake the chords: “My duende, come for me!”
A breath not his own stirred, whispered

through him, a force and passion
full of power and grace, embracing him.

In the cold air of night it broke formless against the stars.

Steven Craig Hickman ©2014 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

5 thoughts on ““My duende, come for me!”

    • Oh, hi… I wandered off for the afternoon into the mountains surrounding us here in the desert. We had a nice rainstorm too. Some of the Sacura are in bloom and other little desert flowers burst open after the rain. So lovely… and, the rain wasn’t our typical monsoon with all the mud, but was clear and full of light.


      • Well Gewd-eve-a-ning 🙂

        I’m about 6 hours off from getting back to you. I was lost in thought again today, then had a bit of wine, then spilled the beans on something I am so going to regret tomorrow (my own beans – why do they call it beans anyway) — now I’m here, it’s nearing midnight, this can’t be good lol. Where do you live that there are mountains near a desert?


      • It’s a surprise… close enough, Surprise, Arizona 🙂 suburb of Phoenix… on the edge of nothing, where I can roam out and about on my mountain bike, get lost, get found… get lost again! And still love it… yea, not real mountains, but more plateaus and rock worlds above and surrounding us on all sides, mineral mountains with gold and tin and other metals in them… old seabed’s… with bumps.


  1. I lived in AZ 29 years ago *suddenly feeling a twinge of shocking time-fleet* … In Phoenix – for 2 years, traveling through Mesa, Sedona (amazingly spiritual), Flagstaff, my favorite of them all – though it only outdid Sedona for me, duet to the duality of climate and beauty – whereas Sedona is filled with ancient and spiritual depth and stories, as well as alien and other worldly connection – it doesn’t hold a cold climate – which i’m drawn to – making it even more bizarre that I’m living in FL – the land of the dead that doesn’t even bother to offer dancing skies, orange rainbows or lightening choruses, which I’m sure you’re aware of – are felt and seen in AZ. I used to go tubing quite often – a child then – though I venture to guess I would enjoy even more now. 🙂


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