Table Rumors

It sat there like a bullfrog waiting; watching.
All week those porcupine quills jutted out –
spiked soldiers of some fruited war.
A leafy top-hat turning yellow in the sun
broke through the crown – a chieftain’s plumage.
One day mama sliced it clean down,
and sunshine fell around us like little clowns.
You tasted it and spit it out
as if it were some strange rock
your brother’d teased you into sampling.
Next day you came home to this:
an upside-down cake filled with golden circlets,
and a cherry picking line scrawled across it;
candles lit, people smiling: a birthday for your turning!

Steven Craig Hickman ©2014 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

12 thoughts on “Table Rumors

  1. What an amazing poem! I am humbled that someone of your spirit/talent would follow my little mishmash of a blog. I thank you. I hope you will visit often and feel welcomed. I am deeply anticipating future posts and exploring past posts.


    • oh yes… I hadn’t thought of that! I read that just a few years ago as I began working on a series of children’s stories. I love the power of children’s tales and the old nineteenth-century authors… extracting the morality tales into our own worlds. I think its important for adults and children to remember these marvelous worlds where we learned to become human… that to me is one of the things missing in our non-cultures now: no sense of childhood, nor of its dreams… just a packaged cartoon world filled with luke warm garbage thoughts from cynical denizens of wall-street mentality seeking a buck… Hollywood-joke world… sad that is!


      • I doubt if anyone could have put it better 🙂 I’ll humbly add that it’s the information overload and the almost sadly cartoonish and egocentric delusions that it leads to. Peoples seems proud of their cynicism and children think magic is for younger, stupider children. Sigh. Oh well, at least for the allure of poetry that sets the pace for the mind to race back into the good old days.


      • Oh, true… but I hope it’s not just nostalgia… We should make it real now… not just a memory to savor. At least I keep thinking we can still change people toward better worlds if we awaken their dormant minds.


      • and so we shall write, write and some more, into the night…create spaces for soulless kites to whisper to the wind and elope with the stars at night 🙂


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