Fatal Strategies

Do you think you could have saved her?
The martyrdom of leaves betrays you;
the livid cast of sky above reminds
you of all the lies that broke this plastic life.

There will be no place you can hide,
no haven for your pride and sly
deft hubris of the bone and nerve:
the troubling motion of your sleep seeps in.

Her bright blue eyes, truant as the skies
still see that shade of grey, grey twilight above the river;
the soft repellent odor of the infested swamp resides
in your mind like some forgotten thought of yesterday.

You sit there calmly in your cell tonight
as if the ache of it will walk away one day,
as if you could just change your mind
rise up turn round again toward her and say:

“It was all just a big mistake. I’m sorry!”

Steven Craig Hickman ©2014 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

7 thoughts on “Fatal Strategies

  1. I bet you are hon – I was burning a little for you. I’ve got a bit of a fire I’m standing to close to myself – it too might find itself behind a cell.
    Is there a way to private message people on WP? If so, please share the knowledge with me – and please know that my ear is always open for you.


    • oh thanks… yea most of my pain has been with me for years and years… I’ve dealt with it in my actual living life through crafting wood and ceramics – pottery and sculpture. But have of late between philosophy and poetry begun letting chinks into the old worlds of hurt to craft hopefully something that touches many on a more universal plane of just being human together.

      Thank you so much for the kind offer… it’s not a drastic shifting in me, more of a catalyst to explore these more universal moments that many go through – taking aspects of my own pain and grafting it onto a larger frame… hope that makes sense?


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