Bird of Death Dreams

She came home alone. Emptiness.
She listened for him in the garden.
He’d often walk along the river’s edge.
Even the elms are shaded today she thought.

Her daughter called. Cried. No need to come.
Her and death were old friends now. Talk.
She saw them around the edge of the field.
Wings like black silk; glistening and blue.

Smell of bacon and eggs. Her son’s eyes.
She tugged his sleeve like she used too.
His beard like a crow’s nest bristled.
She heard the axe swing out back all day.

By the fire the moon would trick her.
In the shadows she’d see them waltzing.
Her hands squeezing his in her good dream.
Feathers grazed her cheeks in the moon’s shadow.

Steven Craig Hickman ©2014 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

13 thoughts on “Bird of Death Dreams

      • That’s good… yes, I’m after affect after all. Emotion is central the effect. A minimalist form with emotive reach. And, I do believe it escapes sentimentalism too. I’m more attuned to what is being termed the Affective Turn in philosophy at the moment. Baruch Spinoza, the philosopher who has advanced furthest the theory of the affects and whose thought is the source, either directly or indirectly, of most of the contemporary work in this field, grasps the powers of the affects in terms of two sets of parallel developments or correspondences. First, the mind’s power to think and its developments are, he proposes, parallel to the body’s power to act. The idea is of striking a balance between the two: mind and act, reason and feeling. Touching both emotionally and physically attenuate that, and through poetry the emotive acts on the mind.

        May I ask if this is something different from your own outlook? Always love more information on other approaches. Of course the Stoic and Buddhist stance seem to distance one from affects rather than balance. Anyway thanks for the input as always! 🙂


      • Haha… funny… sounds like those twitternerds who seek follows like a tribe of bees in swarm… yea, I just write… for a long while mainly been doing philosophical essays but recently took up poetry which I’d left off years ago … suddenly things have come back full gauntlet in my mind. Maybe I needed that dip into contemporary philosophy to make me realize I’m a poet not a philosopher, always was… 🙂 weird how things work out!


      • Don’t get me started about “social media”–I’ve deleted a number of blogs because that’s what they turned into; no judgment intended, but it’s not what I’m interested in.


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