Thomas Ligotti: New Interview Up…

“Why couldn’t the whole world accept vital realities in the same way that the presence of a bidet in a bathroom illustrates an acceptance of the realities of human hygiene?” – Thomas Ligotti

New Interview up on The Nightmare Network by Jon Padgett which covers a little of Ligotti’s new book The Spectral Link. I caught this from a tweet by Mike Davis @misanthropemike on Twitter, and on the Lovecraft eZine. Thanks Mike!

Read Interview: Vital Realities: A Conversation with Thomas Ligotti

One quote I saw a relevant for any budding writer:

“Lovecraft’s later stories convey his maddening practice of telegraphing their endings and revelations so that no one could possibly mistake what exactly transpires in a given narrative or what it means. That’s the influence writing for Weird Tales had on him, and he suspected this was so. His earlier stories aren’t written that way. None of them make you want to rip every adverb from them, as do his post-1926 works. It was during this time that Lovecraft, as he wrote in one or more of his letters, expressed his desire to write about the play of great forces in the universe rather than embody these as monsters described in tedious detail. The later works are the ones critics mean when they speak of what a bad writer Lovecraft was. Then again, with certain writers, and Lovecraft was one of them, there is always room for controversy, because great works are not always written with great style. Think of the poems of Thomas Hardy. “The horror, the horror.””

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