Bringing Democracy to Nicaragua (Part 1 of 2)

Edmund Berger has a two part expose on the way the transnational or global power system has instigated through its insidious networks of power the slow but methodical unmaking of Nicaragua… which was but a test case in their unmaking of the planet which is still going on… read him and learn!

Deterritorial Investigations

Another set of text fragments from one the deep archives….

The Unmaking of a Country


The actions in Chile had helped signal the most important development at the end of the Cold War – the triumph of the transnational moderate elite over the hawkish national factions, culminating in the apex of Samuel Huntington’s “third wave of democratization” and Francis Fukuyama’s “end of history.” It would appear that old methodology of diplomacy of ‘Peace through Strength’ was fading away. The militant right would indeed lay dormant for only a short while, as humanitarianism became the moral justification for intervention. The right reemerged in the Clinton years through the neoconservative lobby, before finally returning to power in full with the administration of President George W. Bush. By this point, however, moderate viewpoints had conjoined with those of the nationalists. It was only in the foreign policy arena that the militant stance had…

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