I have seen the dead among the tombs.
The wailing of the women as they pass.

I laid myself down upon white marble.
My ear pressed against cold stone.

At night I hear their voices in the moon.
The children’s laughter in the hedge.

I call to her before the dawn rises.
I think I see her by the jasmines.

I rise to greet her from the hill.
She fades away behind the winter’s sun.

Another day I’m silenced by her memory.
I notice people wander through me.

Now I know my vigilance is true.

– Steven Craig Hickman ©2014 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

4 thoughts on “Vigilance

    • Yes.. he was never able to let go… so has become a ghost of his former self… it’s difficult for some people to grieve, to let go, to accept loss… yes, she was gone… but she is beyond…

      while he remains vigilant and a ghost wandering the earth because he was unable to accept her death within himself… this happens to people… I know for myself it took years to get over (and, of course do we ever get over) my first wife’s death from cancer… but there came a point for me that I had to renew my spirit and ability to rejoin life… poetry was that way for me…


      • I don’t think there’s ever really a ‘getting over’ the loss of a loved one. I cannot really speak from experience, but I believe rather than get over, we move past it and stop letting the loss influence every emotion we feel and action we take. It’s still there, and it still hurts, but we don’t let it define ourselves. That’s so sad about your first wife, my deepest condolences, but it’s good that you found a healthy way to work through and vent your feelings. I’m glad that you found poetry, because that means I can read yours today and learn from it.


      • Truthfully there is a part of you that dies… it’s true. One goes through a grieving state for years… but then you come back, no longer a ghost living a sort of half-life… you realize your alive again, that it’s time to rejoin the human race. And that’s really how it is… 🙂 I guess I was lucky to meet another beautiful woman to share my life with, raise children, and continue…


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