This City is Our Future

Excellent piece by Rick Searle of Utopia or Dystopia which discusses among other things the work of David Kilcullen and his book Out of the Mountains…

Utopia or Dystopia

Erich Kettelhut Metropolis Sketch

If you wish to understand the future you need to understand the city, for the human future is an overwhelmingly urban future. The city may have always been synonymous with civilization, but the rise of urban humanity has been something that has almost all occurred after the onset of the industrial revolution. In 1800 a mere 3 percent of humanity lived in cities of over one million people. By 2050, 75  percent of humanity will be urbanized. India alone might have 6 cities with a population of over 10 million.    

The trend towards megacities is one into which humanity as we speak is accelerating in a process we do not fully understand let alone control. As the counterinsurgency expert David Kilcullen writes in his Out of the Mountains:

 To put it another way, these data show that the world’s cities are about to be swamped by…

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7 thoughts on “This City is Our Future

    • Ah, it’s offline at the moment, I’m doing a major reorganization and have decided to focus it on a completely different project more in line with current studies… Hopefully by end of summer I’ll have this completed, working on new essays for that site to get it started off… it will be interesting and informative: the new title will be The Institute for Experimental Futures… it will deal with many more complex issues but in an aesthetic manner much after such writers as Jorge Luis Borges, Stanislaw Lem, and Italo Calvino… a parody of academia today and a sort of dadaesque look at contemporary political thought and philosophy in its utopic and dystopic aspects both positive and negative… through the eyes of a humorous gang of interlocutors with differing voices and styles. A pop-cultural praxis to allow performativity to replace outmoded forms and put thought-action at the center…


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