Time to dig in and read, study and absorb hard truths…

After writing so much on #Accelerationism of late I realize how much I have forgotten, as well as what I never learned to begin with: it’s time to stop writing for a while and begin digging down into those deep archives where one begins to replenish the truth of one’s insights. So for the next couple months things might be a little sporadic in posts… of course knowing myself as I do, I’ll come upon something that will spark my mind to write: it always does… Yet, I just want you to know I’m still here, just needing a respite from my daily grind of posting to dig back down for the nuggets in the cave of thought.


My Reading List:

  • Italian and Russian Futurism – Critical works and Original Documents
  • Modernist Worlds: Art, Poetry, Literature from the Symbolists to the Situationists
  • Situationism and its history
  • Utopian/Dystopian Critical works and literature
  • Walter Benjamin and Ernst Bloch’s in general
  • Reread sections of the Grundisse, and Das Kapital and commentaries
  • Reread Moishe Postone’s Time, Labor, and Social Domination
  • The general works of Baudrillard, Virilio, Deleuze and Guattari, Berardi, Lazzarato
  • Radical aspects of Zizek, Badiou, Johnson
  • Understand what Speculative Realism offers for Radical Politics if anything

I’m also behind the scenes creating a new site “The Institute of Experimental Futures” which will incorporate a more hyperstitional model of accelerationism in science, aesthetics, art, music, poetry, science fiction, and radical literature, and ethics critique. I’ll wait till there is enough there before opening it up… I’m also thinking of opening it up to others as a venue for exploration of these areas, so the community might have an alternative place to post their notions in those dimensions of the accelerationism.

If nothing else I’m one of those mental creatures who never stops, who is always curious and attuned to those vibrancies that make speculative philosophy a path into futurity beyond capitalism and toward constructing a post-capitalist world. We are the generation, maybe the last, to have that opportunity and it is up to us to make some hard decisions else they will be made for us by the powers that now enslave us in such oppressive systems of governance and betrayal of all that is truly human.

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