What US Media Isn’t Telling You About The Protests In Venezuela

Isn’t it sad that our supposed democratic government is still sponsoring the subtle overthrow of countries in the South? The interviewer asks what the number one reason the U.S. is backing the current unrest in Venezuela:

GOLINGER: Well, the number one reason is oil because Venezuela has the largest oil reserves on the planet and it’s right there south of the US border. And there’s a government in place that’s been in place now going on 15 years, Chavez to Maduro, that’s not subordinate to US interests. So that’s clearly the number one threat to the United States is that they want that oil.

Dispatches from the Underclass

On this week’s episode of Unauthorized Disclosure, Kevin Gosztola and I speak with Eva Golinger—an American-Venezuelan lawyer and author of The Chavez Code—about what the US media isn’t telling you concerning the protests in Venezuela.

While the protesters we’ve been hearing so much about certainly have legitimate grievances, says Golinger, the opposition leaders at the helm of the protests are US Ivy League-educated elites who have been involved in past coup attempts and are hell bent on restoring Venezuela to the pre-Chavez era when a handful of wealthy families had all the power.

The opposition leaders, explains Golinger, are the equivalent of “tropical Tea Party” leaders. Their goal, fueled by a deep-seeded hatred of the poor and darker skinned, is the opposite of democracy and they are funded in large part by the US government, which has tried to undermine and even overthrow Venezuela’s democratically elected government since it…

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2 thoughts on “What US Media Isn’t Telling You About The Protests In Venezuela

  1. I actually have family in Venezuela – my wife was shot at her last visit, in fact! I’m a diehard leftie, and I can’t tell you how dismayed I get hearing left wing coverage of Venezuela. A demagogue is a demagogue, no matter what agenda they hijack to pursue their own agenda. The country is falling apart for many reasons, and America no doubt shoulders a portion of the blame, but Chavez’s reforms, while desperately needed in many cases, were also part of a systematic attempt to dismantle the Venezuelan democracy. Much of what he did was simply not sustainable, and the country’s been falling apart for years now. Maduro lacks Chavez’s charisma, and so has to rely on more old-fashioned tactics. I know people who’ve had crowbars taken to their legs by the police! The people are marching for their own, quite obvious, reasons (such as economic freefall, crime levels that make Mexico look like Switzerland), and not because of some transnational cabal.


    • Yea, could be, I myself don’t have enough facts one way or the other. What I was going on was the history we do know of where the CIA and other private interests have led to influx of arms, money, etc. in many countries of the South over the past fifty years that have displaced democratic governments with regime change.

      There is some knowledge that some of these factions are being given an influx of money, not sure about any arms yet… who knows for sure?

      Sorry to hear about your wife, bummer 😦 Hope she is alright, and that her family and yours is safe down there?


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