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In 2007, a group of some two-hundred entrepreneurs representing technological start-ups descended on Seattle for “a wine and cheese party” organized by Amazon and Madrona Venture Group, an early investor in the tech corporations like the aforementioned digital giant and Isilon Systems, a database storage company noted for servicing big data interests, gene sequencing firms, and oil and gas companies. The focus at this large gathering, however, was the advent of Amazon Web Services (AWS, a series of distributed remote computing services that generates a massive cloud platform – a digital sea composed of interlocking databases, email services, search engines, real-time data monitoring platforms, and much more. At the time, cloud computing was still a relatively small idea; “Now, seven years later, Seattle is Cloud City.”i

Big business is cloud crazy: the integration of the database, the communication network, the standardized and streamlined platform and IT management allows…

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