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Well, I’ve been away too long! Writing is a difficult art by any standards. Novel writing is a world of nightmares for those who delve into its strange mysteries, yet at the end is something rewarding for those who plunge deeper and deeper into the mythical circles of its dark worlds. I’ve put my novel to sleep for a while and will come back to it with fresh eyes in a few months and begin revision. Oh the endless cycles of writing and rewriting passages seeking the perfect turn of phrase, the opportune metaphor and hyperbole, etc. But that is past and time to move back to my philosophical proclivities!

First things first: I’ve neglected reading many of my favorite blogs out there so need to do just that. I was in sleep mode, living in a secluded cabin in Montana while writing… so have had little exposure of late to the web chatter that goes on whether one is missed or not. The Philosophical community seems like any community full of its own gossips hounds and strange tales. One is never sure if philosophers are truly on about changing the world, or if it’s all some master game of GO in which the players are the pawns of a hidden agenda. No paranoia in philosophyville, just a bunch of angry citizens wanting a philosophy that actually meets our expectations. But as in anything there is never one fits all even in philosophy. Instead we have this thriving agora of competing minds seeking a greater voice in the center of the arena. Who is that voice in our time? What philosopher will emerge to take the Reign? Do we have our Hegel’s, our Socrates around in the raw? Is there a diamond out there in all the coal waiting to be heated up and refined by the dark fires of our age?

I look around me an do not see any single philosopher in our present era that actually meets those high criteria. I like Zizek, but even he would admit he is more of a questioner who has no answers: a Socratic progeny if there ever was one! Maybe the truth is just that, maybe that sly dog of a philosopher was on mark and there can only be more questions, and that the only answers come not in words but in actions and deeds. Does it come to that? Our leaders in the world today are in disarray, fumbling through existence taking us all over a precipice into troubled waters of war, feminine, depression, etc. What of our philosophers? Can they pretend to do better? Do they have moments of clarity that offer us a path forward? Who is up to that call? Who will awaken us from our stupor and unite us rather than pull us deeper into our stupidity?

Those are the sorts of questions on my mind as I come back and begin that strange search for an actual philosopher that may or may not exist, but who is truly needed even if we must re-invent him: give him a nudge, awaken him from his slumber and feed him with Ideas.

7 thoughts on “Back to Philosophy

  1. Welcome back!

    I’ll also deposit a little something, from another philosopher who acknowledged that he moved in the shadow of Socrates. From the Epictetus’s Discourses:

    ‘You men, the philosopher’s school is a doctor’s office; you shouldn’t leave it in pleasure but in pain.’


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