Alain Badiou: Quote of the Day!

“I didn’t want to write the script,” he states, “I wanted to see it.” Positioning himself in a video editing suite in front of a white film screen that evokes for him the “famous blank page of Mallarmé,” Godard uses video as a sketchbook with which to reconceive the film.
– Jean-Luc Godard

Passion… never fails to make me think of a tremendous play by the young Ibsen, Emperor and Galilean. It is a play devoted to Julian the Apostate, the Roman emperor who, after Constantine and after the Roman Empire’s adoption of Christianity, wanted to restore the old gods. At a certain moment, Julian, in despair, realizing that his enterprise is futile, says, “We live in a world in which the old beauty is no longer beautiful but the new truth is not yet true.” Passion is a film about just such a thing. Something of what there was before no longer exists, but something of what is supposed to come hasn’t come. That is the space the film inhabits, and its genius lies in changing into a form of themes and variations, all the while borrowing its power from the light of the visible.

Lecture delivered at Le Lieu unique, Nantes, November 2001
– Alain Badiou on Jean-Luc Godard

6 thoughts on “Alain Badiou: Quote of the Day!

    • This will keep me busy for the weekend! Or some weekend…

      dang, I’m reading G&D’s Anti-Oedipus and Baudrllard’s Symbolic Exchange and Death together this week….along with Erika Gottlieb’s Dystopian Fiction East and West: The Universe of Terror and Trial …

      I liked Eugene Thackers In the Dust of this Planet…. goes along with all that Black Metal philosophy and horror stuff a couple years back.


  1. ‘G&D’s Anti-Oedipus and Baudrllard’s Symbolic Exchange and Death together this week’

    How!? My reading list only seems to grow…


    • How! Desire, my friend, desire… we’re all desiring-machines run-a-muck! Keep the apodistras flying (Orwell)… keep the juice a pouring, let desire run rampant in the streets till the gates of doom itself fall flat before our churning whirling minds of light!


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