“Philosophy, then is not a doctrine, not some simplistic scheme for orienting oneself in the world, certainly not an instrument or achievement of human Dasien. Rather, philosophy is this Dasien itself insofar as it occurs, in freedom, from out of its own ground.

“Whoever, by hard research, has arrived at this self-understanding of philosophy is granted the fundamental experience of all philosophizing, which is this: the more completely and originally research comes into its own, the more surely is it “nothing but” the transformation of the same few simple questions.

“But those who want to transform must bear within themselves the power of a fidelity that knows how to preserve. The only way to feel that power grow within oneself is to be caught up in wonder. And the only way to be caught up in wonder is to travel to the outermost limits of the possible.

“Yet, the only way to become the friend of the possible is to remain open to dialogue with the powers at work in the whole of human existence [Dasein]. And in fact that is the philosopher’s way of being: heeding what has already been sung forth and can still be perceived in each essential occurence in the world.”

– from For Edmund Husserl on His Seventieth Birthday

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